Advanced Logic Synthesis for Electronics

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A.L.S.E: Advanced Logic Synthesis for Electronics,  offers a complete
range of services and products to help you with the design of:

Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD),
Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), or
Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC

In general, we excel in Complex and High Performance Digital Systems.
We have accumulated a lot of know-how and experience like:

  • NEW! Most Powerful Altera Stratix IV GX (40-nm) FPGA board with FMC.
     Available NOW!
  • Ethernet: especially with GEDEK, our best-seller Gigabit Ethernet communication kit (unique in this industry).
  • Industrial Systems: for data acquisition and processing, complex regulation, motor & power control, and power in harsh environments.
  • Hardware DSP: ALSE has Implemented many FPGA-based digital signal processing (DSP) systems used in various fields ranging from electronic warfare systems to radio-astronomy to real-time acquisition.  
  • Dynamic RAM & Flash Memory Controllers: ALSE has developed many specific controllers for ultimate performance, data integrity, lowest BOM cost (Quad-SPI Flash), multi-ports... Many of them are now available as standard IPs.
  • Image Processing & Video (De-)Compression: New innovative and highly optimized IPs with unprecedented Performance & Size.
  • Video systems:  many Video processing Intellectual Property blocks (IPs), and a RAM-less Graphics Display Engine.
  • Audio Systems: ALSE offers several audio IPs including a Digital Audio Processor (volume, tone control, ALC, loudness filter, InfraRed links...)
  • Avionics Systems:  The internal know-how includes Arinc 429, Ethernet, secure systems, panel controls, PowerPC bridges, MILSTD 1553 bus...
  • Obsolescence:  Redesign of entire obsolete boards in FPGA.
  • Services:  HDL Design review, ASIC/FPGA auditing, ASIC re-design, VHDL Certification...
  • Very High Temperature (200°C) designs.
  • And indeed our strong Training Activity, when we share our know-how.

Feel free to navigate in this website and discover our IPs, our services, and the various aspects of our daily activity.

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